A Child of the Jago Jewellery by Claire English is inspired by Jack Sheppard, the notorious London folk lore hero, who was wildly popular in the Eighteenth Century. He began life as a promising carpenters apprentice before becoming an anarchist, dandy, thief. It was Jack Sheppard's passion for and intense relationship with a notorious working girl known as Edgeworth Bess that began his liberation from the dull drudgery of indentured labour, and with her by his side he progressed from pious servitude to self-confident rebellion and levelling! 
We've chosen Pearls for this collaborative collection because of their association with Venus the goddess of love in commemoration of their relationship. Folk-lore has many tales of Magpies acting as cheeky, thieving, feathered rascals who fly off with prized items of jewellery. By turning the bones of Magpies into jewellery this collection subvert's these folk-lore’s by making Magpies into the jewellery that they would make their loot! Many piece's carry a hand engraving of a pair of broken Georgian handcuffs representing Jack Sheppard's four famous prison breaks alongside his initials & the year date of his eventual hanging at Tyburn in 1724. The engraving is evocative of scrimshaw which was a common pastime of prisoners incarcerated during the era. This collection is our tribute to an empowering romance and to the original 'Jack the Lad’!