BROWN BOUNDARY TIE-accessories-A Child Of The Jago


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The Boundary Tie is made of 100% cotton especially printed with our iconic boundary print in brown.

The Jago Boundary Print is adapted and customised from John Rocque’s 1746 plan of London showing the streets and landmarks that Jack Sheppard knew. From Newgate Gaol, the location of Jack’s daring escapes, to Tyburn, now Marble Arch, are picked out for note with a Georgian illustration of the infamous triangular gallows of the ‘Tyburn Tree’ where Jack met his eventual end, at what became the largest publicly attended hanging ever. This began Jack’s passage into London folk lore legend.

All prints will differ slightly as they are cut from a larger Jago Map Print pattern.

Width of widest part: approx 13cm.

Hand wash only.

As it was in the time of the Jago, the street is our stage!

Born in London. Made in England.

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