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Vesta Tilley was a Music Hall Star who wore male clothing for her performances from the age of five years old.

She’s quoted as saying “I felt that I could express myself better if I were dressed as a boy.”

A meticulous Artiste Vesta rehearsed her Acts, perfecting every word and every gesture.

Throughout her luminous career Vesta emulated Dandies and Fops, so immaculately and impeccably that she actually became a Fashion Icon for Men!

Vesta made apparent Male foibles and exposed Male behaviours which made her enormously popular with Women too!

This Vesta Tilley Jago suit ensemble is cut with a silhouette for treading the boards and enjoying the Lime Light!

The Jacket is shaped with a flash cut away to a Dove Tail back. Styled with Art Deco inspired Cuffs and Pockets.

Offered here in Orange Houndtooth Cotton Linen.