Founded by Designer and Social Activist Joe Corre. A Child Of The Jago recreates the Themes of a narrative written under the same title "A Child of the Jago" published in 1896 by Arthur Morrison.

A time of the Jago.

This was a time when you knew who people were by how they dressed. Where people were not so consumed by fitting in but rather by standing out. We follow these rules today.

Since its launch in 2008 A Child Of The Jago has continued to champion, create and produce limited runs of bespoke tailored and contemporary clothing. Often using obsolete and end of line cloths from British mills. All our garments are made in the UK, many of them in our own Clerkenwell workshop.

Our Styles are inspired by characters, archetypes, criminals and rebels of society. The battles they fought, the rules they broke, the things they stole. You can see these acts of defiance throughout our pieces.

JOE CORRÉ / Founder and CEO


Wild Bill hat featured in VOGUE Portugal

Original terrorist Clothing

Since inception, our philosophy has been to provide an antidote to the branded juggernaut of mass-produced fashion and sterile clothing that pollutes our environment and our minds. In true Jago spirit, we seek inspiration in those who were wrongly labelled terrorists throughout history and aspire to dress those who challenge the norms today: Punks, artists, activists, thinkers...

A Child of the Jago looks at an alternative British tradition!

We challenge the current fashion industry by daring to create outside the ephemeral tyranny of trends. In protest against the much normalised fast fashion industry and its highly polluting methods, we endeavour to produce timeless pieces, that are born out of a passion to stand out and make a statement. Layered with historical and cultural references, our garments are designed to accompany you for a lifetime and are crafted with the care and respect of artisanal tradition while considering all aspects of a more local and sustainable way of creating clothing and accessories with meaning.


Shoreditch was not only the home of the world of The Jago, the name sake of the brand, but also the first location of our flagship store, opened in 2008, where the heart of our style came alive in all walks of life from eccentric Celebrities, tailored business magnates to magicians and rock stars. 

The Shoreditch shop was closed in 2018.

“I have always considered shops and brands as ways
of communicating ideas over and above what you sell.
That’s what makes fashion interesting, that’s what makes it dangerous."

Illustration of Original Shoreditch storefront by Liz Whiteman Smith


Illustration of Current Charing Cross Lane storefront by Liz Whiteman Smith

In 2014, we opened a second shop front in the Westend. Our now current and only flagship store. It is grittier, bolder and has a sense of self.

Our small independent team now inhabits this new area and inviting the tourists of London to witness the defiant appearance of the Jago.
Along side major fashion stores and factory run business we still stand out as something authentic and unique.

Our shop door states "Original Terrorist Clothing."


Out of what there already is, we create!

Alongside our creativity and aesthetic, at the forefront of our thinking, is sustainability and fairness.

To create and produce our small runs of fine quality clothing, we go out of our way to find and use up obsolete and end-of-line cloths sourced from British mills. This removes the need to fabricate new materials and ensures we avoid contributing to the global over-production of goods. 

All of our pieces are made in the UK. Always beginning and ending their journey in our studio in London. Here, we rely on an expert team of crafts people who have historically contributed to the vision and message of the Jago and whom we deeply care about, ensuring their working environment is qualitative and dignifying. Thanks to this in-house production method, we are also able to cut back on unnecessary transportation of materials and pieces, thus further minimising pollution.

As an additional testament to our commitment to a more sustainable way of creating conscious and unique garments, we are excited to further cultivate our Made-to-Order culture. This not only gives us the chance to be even more focused by sourcing and using up just the right amount of fabric needed; it also means that we are able to cater individually to you, workshopping incredible pieces that are uniquely made to your taste.

For more information on our Made-to-Order service, please consult the dedicated page on our website