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The classic Deadman has been adorned with a bespoke Black Moiré Ribbon and Bow. 

Named after the distinct rippled pattern created by the weave, moiré fabric has been a popular choice for embellishing hats, clothes and interiors for hundreds of years. 

The Ribbon and Bow have been specially handmade in our London studio to accentuate the style of the hat and create this one of a kind Deadman.

The Deadman hat is inspired by the classic fedoras worn by Al Capone and the Chicago mobsters of the 1930s, reincarnated here in an exaggerated proportion. Named after the hand of cards ‘dead man’s hand’ that ‘Wild Bill’ Hickock held at the time of his assassination  – two pairs, aces and eights.

Each hat has an interchangeable internal padded hat band to accommodate a range of head sizes. To ensure our oversized hat styles fit perfectly to your head shape, please select your desired size from the drop down menu.

All of our blocked felt hats are traditionally made in Luton, England from high quality Rabbit Felt Fur.

Height: 16.5cm  |  Depth: 36.5cm  |  Width: 34cm
Inner hat circumference: Fitted with an internal padded hat band.

You are welcome to contact us and enquire about having a hat made for you.

Our felt hat styles are available in fifty different Jago colours!

To see the whole range of colours available please go into our shop where there is a book of swatches for you to select from. We also have a variety of colours of Petersham ribbon for you to choose from and some other in shop only hat band designs too.

As it was in the time of the Jago, the street is our stage! 

Born in London. Made in England.

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