A mid-sleeve asymmetrical drape and tie-waist dress in yellow embroidered silk, front view, by A Child Of The Jago


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Saffron was used to dye the garments of women of high status, such as priestesses. Using Saffron as a dye showed a sign of wealth, Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, even more expensive than gold. The devoré pattern is reminiscent of the old custom of embellishing fabric with Saffron crocuses as a reminder of the status of the wearer.

This dress features a pocket in the pleat, an asymmetrical drape and a tie up waist that you can adapt to suit your mood. Detachable slip lining

Length: approx 121cm

Offered here in 100% silk.

We make small quantities of high quality pieces. If your size is sold out, you are welcome to contact us and if we have fabrics available, we will be happy to make your size to order for you.

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