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Inspired by the exaggerated proportions of the 10 gallon hats of the Wild West and named after the famous outlaw and showman, ‘Wild Bill’ Hickock. This Jago style features a large rounded crown which is further emphasised by the short brim. 

Each hat has an interchangeable internal padded hat band to accommodate a range of head sizes. To ensure our oversized hat styles fit perfectly to your head shape, please select your desired size from the drop down menu.

Offered here in a Classic Panama with a Black Petersham Band. 

Panama hats are hand woven in Equador by the light of the moon, or when the sky is overcast; this is when the air is the most suitable for working with the straw as it is more damp than in the day.

It can take up to 2 days for each hood to be produced with a technique that has been passed down from generation to generation, the handmade nature of this makes every hood unique. We have then taken these hoods and blocked them into our signature Jago shapes.

Due to the size of this hat we have had an extra-large hood woven just for us. This finest quality Panama has a silky, creamy smooth texture can take up to twice as long to weave as a normal hood would.

Blocked and finished in Luton, England.

Height: 19cm  |  Depth: 33cm  |  Width: 30.5cm
Inner hat circumference: Fitted with an internal padded hat band

If your desired hat is sold out, you are welcome to contact us and enquire about having a hat made for you.

As it was in the time of the Jago, the street is our stage!

Born in London. Made in England.